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JLT Business Services

A successful Business Development company with proven track records in attracting new clients. Our skills help you develop your business, focusing on 2 fundamental areas:

– Networking & Connecting

– Promoting & Communicating

Lead Generation JLT Networking & Communication

Network & Connect

Find the perfect network for your niche
Introduce and support you at local
Help perfect your sales pitch and
Enable you to become part of the local
business community

Promote & Communicate

Design including branding and
Print and distribution of marketing
Exhibition and event organisation
Advice to maximize your social
media presence
Lead Generation JLT Promote & Communicate

“I have known Jenny for a fair few years now through various events and businesses she is an incredibly inspiring lady who goes out of her way to help in any shape or form she can. Jenny has an incredible network and is always willing to connect you with the right people and help.”

– Sarah Jane Croke – Mayor of Surrey Heath

JLT Services


Lead generation can be a challenge for businesses. I generate a sales funnel and transform a business by looking at its challenges and taking it on a road run through its gears. I look at how a business performs and where it lacks strength in marketing. JLT Business Services will help your business by showing you how to generate more leads and sales by working your way through the services offered below:

Lead Generation JLT Public Speaking

Public Speaking to Communicate

Lead Generation JLT Chatbots

Chatbots to Communicate

Lead Generation JLT LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn Success

Lead Generation JLT Telesales

Telesales for Niche Leads

Lead Generation JLT Marketing Services

Marketing Materials to Empower your Brand

Lead Generation JLT Event Management

Event Management for Visibility

Lead Generation JLT Marketing Networking

Networking for Lead Generation

Lead Generation JLT Podcasts

Podcasts for Brand Awareness


Working With:

Wynn Creative & Fleet Netwalking
Yello Creations Website Design
Purple Fedora
RHL Business Development & Print
Travel Health
The Massage Company


Don’t take my word for it

“I met Jenny at a networking event and was immediately struck by her energy and enthusiasm. She also took the time to understand me and my business.

Over the past two years she has introduced me to many people and businesses, and as her circle of contacts expands she is always knowledgeable about what they want to achieve and how businesses can collaborate to develop sales and marketing opportunities.

She has an eye on being able to give something back, with a focus on charities and fundraising at social events.

I would recommend Jenny to anyone looking to expand their customer base and sales (whilst having some fun on the way)”

Anna Webb – Drain Doctor

“Jenny is supportive, well-connected and genuine. She wants other business owners to succeed and has an amazing knack of connecting people that she feels would benefit from one another’s business and/or time.

She is well versed in not only what issues are facing business owners locally, but also nationally, and she can converse eloquently about current affairs.

I am genuinely pleased and honoured to have Jenny in my network.”

Becky Upton – Director at Impellam Group

“To say that Jenny throws herself into your business is an understatement. Jenny has been mentoring me and encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zone. I’ve been working with Jenny for a short time, and already I’ve attended my first networking meeting, something I’m not comfortable with at all, and she made me feel totally relaxed and supported. She sets me weekly challenges which are pushing me but not overwhelming me. I feel totally supported by her and I know that she ‘gets’ what my business is about completely. She’s as passionate about Willow&Nutmeg as I am, which is truly wonderful.

Jenny is genuine and encouraging, experienced and so willing to share her wealth of knowledge. Thank you, Jenny, for being uniquely you!”

Deborah Whitehouse – Business Owner

I met Jenny a few years ago and developed the relationship further over Zoom, only to find out that we were neighbours. Jenny is a force of nature, a non-stop networker, helper and supporter who constantly introduces and recommends people to their mutual benefit. Jenny worked with me to promote the Woking Means Business Expo when we were just emerging from Covid and helped ensure we achieved a good attendance although there was still some hesitancy out there about live events.
If you need help building your network or promoting your business, I strongly recommend you meet up with Jenny and see what develops!

Paul Webster – Consultant

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A successful Business Development company with proven track records in attracting new clients. Get in touch with me to start Jen-erating leads through Networking, Events, Chatbots, Telesales and many more methods.