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“I met Jenny a few years ago and developed the relationship further over Zoom, only to find out that we were neighbours. Jenny is a force of nature, a non-stop networker, helper and supporter who constantly introduces and recommends people to their mutual benefit. Jenny worked with me to promote the Woking Means Business Expo when we were just emerging from Covid and helped ensure we achieved a good attendance, although there was still some hesitancy out there about live events.
If you need help building your network or promoting your business, I strongly recommend you meet up with Jenny and see what develops!”

Paul Webster – Consultant

“To say that Jenny throws herself into your business is an understatement. Jenny has been mentoring me and encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zone. I’ve been working with Jenny for a short time and already I’ve attended my first networking meeting, something I’m not comfortable with at all, and she made me feel totally relaxed and supported. She sets me weekly challenges which are pushing me but not overwhelming me. I feel totally supported by her and I know that she ‘gets’ what my business is about completely. She’s as passionate about Willow&Nutmeg as I am, which is truly wonderful.

Jenny is genuine and encouraging, experienced and so willing to share her wealth of knowledge. Thank you, Jenny, for being uniquely you!”

Deborah Whitehouse – Business Owner

“I’ve seen and heard of Jenny in action in a number of different areas from running Omni meetings, making introductions throughout her vast network and interviewing people in podcasts to name a few, where the end result has been nothing but good things said from everyone involved!
Very personable and has great reach to help business owners be seen in a way that makes them the obvious choice for their potential customers.
Great eye for detail and opportunity, and if she can’t help (which is doubtful), she certainly knows someone who can!

Aaron Hayle

“I felt compelled to write something to extol the many and varied benefits of working with the powerhouse that is Jenny Thornton. I could talk about her organized and determined mind, or perhaps her innovation and passion to succeed.What truly sets her apart, and why she is a key part of my promotions team, is her compassion. In essence, she measures herself based on your success.
I highly recommend a one to one and/or a podcast with Jenny.

Gareth Wax – Purple Fedora

“I met Jenny at one of the Omni networking functions some months ago and was immediatelky struck by her confident professionalism, her positive approach to just about everything and her commitment to the client. In the months I’ve known Jenny she has demonstrated time and again her skills in getting projects underway, her abilities in assisting people in networking successfully and her talent in putting together brilliant podcasts through her business, SMJ Media. I experienced this first hand some weeks ago when Jenny organised a trio of podcasts, involving my reading three of my own published short stories. It was a fun morning, and a first time introduction for me into the world of broadcasting. Try working with Jenny and see for yourself.

Andrew Segal – Insolvency Practitioner