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Public Speaking

Does the idea of speaking in public frighten you? Have you got a presentation coming up where you need a copywriter or a Professional Speaker to help you produce an informative and entertaining talk? We can certainly help you with this. We can train you or deliver a great talk on your behalf.



Do you ever wish that time stretched further, not enough hours in a day? Have a conversation with our Chatbot Expert on how we can get your information out, have conversations AND appointments booked for you knowing the client’s needs without having had a conversation with them yourself. Our clever chatbots will do the job for you in a fun and effective way.

JLT Lead Generation Chatbots
JLT Lead Generation LinkedIn

Social Media

LinkedIn Success

Trust is an essential to good business. Clients will find out as much as they can about you before they sign up. Your Website and your LinkedIn are where they will look for you. How is your LinkedIn Profile looking? Can we help you to look better and be more effective?

Niche Leads


We have a great telesales department who can deliver warm leads to your door by tuning in to your linkedin and data scraping for the niche audience that you are looking for. We take the pain out of having to make those calls yourself. Have a chat to our telesales team now about your needs and how we can help you.

JLT Lead Generation Telesales
JLT Lead Generation Marketing Materials

Brand Empowerment

Marketing Materials

What marketing materials are you using? How effective are they ? When did you last refresh and check your marketing message? We have an expert here to audit what you are using and make sure you are at peak efficiency. We can design and make up everything you need and get it delivered to you fast track.


Event Management

We have a very skilled team in Events, helping you to select and organize the perfect event to show off your business in its best light. We can help you to advertise and fill the event as well. If you feel that you need to be seen by a wider audience, an event is a great way forward. We can help you with Speakers or train you to be a confident Public Speaker.

JLT Lead Generation Event Management
JLT Lead Generation Business Networking

Lead Generation


Networking is often overlooked as a method of lead generation. Often, finding your Tribe can help with both recommendations of work, testimonials for your website and of course a positivity mindset from associating with like minded business owners in the same. I can help with Networking and strong referrals.

Brand Awareness


Your Message in your Way, talking to a professional interviewer. We can edit out all coughs, interruptions, fluffs and pauses to tell your story with your calls to action. We can then share this once you are happy with it. It can have soft music, a sale advert added with a special offer. It is all yours in your style to suit your business. 

JLT Lead Generation Podcasts

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A successful Business Development company with proven track records in attracting new clients. Get in touch with me to start Jen-erating leads through Networking, Events, Chatbots, Telesales and many more methods.